Inspect CLI

Inspect CLI is the alternative to ios_webkit_debug_proxy and remotedebug-ios-webkit-adapter that enables programatic acccess to browsers and webviews on iOS devices, Android devices and iOS Simulators (on MacOS) via a simple command line tool.

When will Inspect CLI be available?

We are actively working on Inspect CLI. If you want to get early acccess, please contact us at

How does Inspect CLI work?

Inspect CLI hosts a HTTP server, which gives you a HTTP interface to discover debugging targets, and a WebSocket server that gives you the raw Chrome DevTools Protocol access.

How do I use Inspect CLI with other tools?

Inspect CLI is designed to be a drop-in replacement for ios_webkit_debug_proxy which allows easy integration with CI systems, Visual Studio Code and other tools that speak CDP.

How much does Inspect CLI cost?

Inspect CLI is included in your Inspect Pro subscription, which gives you access to both Inspect and Inspect CLI.