Historically browser DevTools have been free offered by the prominent browser vendors, who can fund their engineering teams with their lucrative search/ad business models.

Inspect is an independent venture, and we think great developer tools should cost money.


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With a subscription for Inspect you'll receive continues updates with improvements and support of future iOS versions.

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When you create your account, you will automatically begin your 30-day free trial. When the trial expires, you will get notified, and from your account page, you can enter your billing information and choose your plan.

No credit card required up-front. No fuzz.

Corporate and volume licenses?

Contact us at for corporate and volume license agreements.

Inspect pricing in perspective

We, developers, are in a fortunate position to make (great) money writing software. We are happy to pay for SaaS and cloud services, but we don't pay for the fundamental tools that help us write and debug code.

That needs to change.


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